A Way of Walking – Option One

Many of us walk daily; for exercise, for a break from work, or even sometimes, just because it is too nice to stay indoors. You may already be engaging in a spiritual practice during your walk. Some people listen to a podcast or music while they walk, others do a check-in with a friend or family member or sponsor.

But the walk itself can be a spiritual practice, whether you walk your neighborhood sidewalks or on a groomed trail through the wilderness or along the side of the road.

In Buddhist tradition this is called a “walking meditation”. Here is a link to Thich Nhat Hanh’s reflection on this practice.


This simple way of opening yourself to God costs nothing and can be done anywhere. If you have mobility impairments, it can be done at any speed, with any assistive devices you usually use. . Walking meditation does not require long distances or a rapid pace. In fact, trying to combine walking meditation with exercise is discouraged, because the focus needs to be on the act of walking, not the distance or your heart rate. As you pay attention to your feet touching the ground, to your legs moving, to your heart beating, you will find there the presence of One who is with us always.


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